Stephen Hawking News (Conspiracy?)

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Stephen Hawking News (Conspiracy?)

Post by LloydK on Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:46 am

This actually is a MM topic, but it's not a MM science topic, or not exactly. Instead it's a conspiracy topic. I've read several of MM's conspiracy papers, including on Hawking, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and probably others. MM makes a good case for Hawking being an imposter. But the following new item seems to put that claim into some doubt.

Stephen Hawking opens British artificial intelligence hub

Is it likely that a Hawking look-alike would have similar intelligence as Hawking? Or would it be possible for an actor to fake enough intelligence to start a national artificial intelligence hub? Or are his handlers able to do most of the work for the actor, making it look like he did the work himself?


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