Is Electrical Condictivity Formula about Right?

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Is Electrical Condictivity Formula about Right?

Post by LloydK on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:53 pm

I don't see the formula in any of MM's papers, but CC has the formula at as follows.


σ = ne^2d/mvF

σ = conductivity
n = free electron density
e = charge of electron
d = distance between atoms
m = mass of electron
vF = Fermi speed

At MM says "In a previous paper** ( I showed that the magnetic moment of the electron and its charge are really the same thing", i.e.

1.602 x 10^-19 C = 9.284 x 10^-24 J/T

However, he finds that's off a little and should actually be:

1.607605 x 10^-19 C


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Re: Is Electrical Condictivity Formula about Right?

Post by LongtimeAirman on Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:05 pm

Lloyd, I viewed your Conductivity link as well as:

Microscopic View of Ohm's Law (courtesy of GSU)
One page up from conductivity, also including electron drift velocity. No real descriptions. A reference page.
Standard stuff. Formulas in the electromagnetic section. According to E/M theory, the electric field is the necessary field, not an actual charge field.

Charge of Electron
Charge of Electron
−1.602176565 × 10−19 C
That’s the whole page.

I reviewed your suggested ref
250. The Anomalous Magnetic Moment and the g-factor. I show that the magnetic moment is just e/√c, destroying all the current virtual math. 6pp.
I can appreciate a supposed 13 decimal place accuracy of electron field measurement being off by theory and historical developments. The important fact to keep in mind is that all bodies have charge fields, and one might not realize that the Earth’s charge field was affecting the measurement of the electron's field.

I’ve always considered conductivity to be the inverse of resistivity, the amount of resistance a material offers to electron current flow. Resistivity is based on real data. I don’t see any mention of resistivity by Miles either.

Are you asking for an MM approval for standard E/M theory?


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