Mass Defect May Help Explain Bonding & Gravity

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Mass Defect May Help Explain Bonding & Gravity

Post by LloydK on Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:01 am

On & from the CNPS forums I copied VF's discussion below and commented at the end.

Viraj Fernando
May 13, 2017
_The Standard Model cannot explain gravity.
_The main problem with the Standard Model is that it postulates a special kind of energy, which is employed to Bond matter particles together.
_It cannot explain why in every such interaction there is what is called a “mass defect”.
_What happens is an energy defect of Dmc^2.
_The “mass defect” referred to is Dm given by Dmc^2/c^2.
_Two Deuterium atoms fuse together to form a Helium atom.
_During this interaction, energy is given out (energy defect)
_so that the mass of the Helium atom is found to be less than the sum of the masses of the two Deuterium atoms.
_Does this not show that no additional “bonding energy” is supplied from somewhere to glue the two atoms together?
_The bonding happens through deprivation of energy.
_When an electron and a Hydrogen nucleus in the ionized state join together to form a Hydrogen atom in the ground state, the electron emits a photon.
_That is, this bonding between the electron and a proton to form a Hydrogen atom also occurs by extraction of energy (an energy defect).
_The deficiency, caused by the expulsion of the energy from the electron, sucks the electron toward the nucleus and [the atom] is held together in the ground state.
_When the electron picks up a photon of appropriate frequency, the energy deficiency becomes less, reducing the suction.
_Hence it jumps to a higher orbit.
_Gravitation is the same.
_As Newton wrote: “For if Nature be simple and pretty conformable to herself, causes will operate in the same kind of way in all phenomena”.
_Hence, for us to progress from the present stalemate, it is necessary that we come to the realization that there is no special form of energy called “Bonding Energy”, unlike heat energy, motive energy, intrinsic energy of matter etc.
_“Bonding energy” is not something supplied externally in a matter-matter interaction to bond the two quantities of matter together.
_We need to understand that “bonding” occurs by extraction of fractions of intrinsic energy of matter, so as to create a deficiency of energy in both interactants,
_and that it is this deprivation that drives them to “attract” each other, in order to share each other’s energy to overcome their common energy deficiency.
_Gravitation too is a form of bonding of the above kind.
_Such bonding at a distance occurs, because all matter is already interconnected, and has already been bonded through mutual energy deficiencies.
_When a change of position of one body relative to another has taken place, the existing level of energy deficiency between the two bodies changes, and the degree of “attraction” between the two bodies alters accordingly.

Here's a QUESTION.
The only kind of attraction that seems genuine to me is a low pressure area within a higher pressure area.
Could a mass/energy defect produce a low pressure area?
Or can you explain in detail how a mass/energy defect causes attraction?
What sort of mass/energy defect could explain gravity?


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