Quackademic Magnetism

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Quackademic Magnetism

Post by LongtimeAirman on Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:58 pm

At TBolts Re: Miles Mathis http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=16723&start=30#p120894 comingfrom posted about a magnetic youtube video.
Quackademic Misconceptions about Magnetism explained using academic language

I tried to answer him there, but my three images below were too big, maximum allowed size is 50 KiB. Some time and frustration later, I'm double posting.

Quackademic Magnetism

Life always comes first, comingfrom, no apologies necessary. I shared in the revelation of your last post. The narrator intended to shown a mainstream magnetic field discrepancy. He favors Russell's magnetic theories, but I'll try to describe his finding from a charge field perspective.

The narrator is holding a toroidal ring magnet behind magnetic sensitive film. The dimensions are a bit obscured, the magnet appears to be a degree or two off, almost horizontal. We are directed to observe that there is a horizontally oriented equatorial ring around the magnet, sure enough, there it is. I added the overlay to show the magnet with an equatorial ring which appears to divide the magnet into north and south.

comingfrom wrote. (Why is this not shown in magnetic field diagrams? )

Airman. I said the same thing when I saw gas vortices being emitted from electrified underwater magnets. As they say – if you haven’t seen it, google it.

Most people think magnets can only attract steel, the narrator spends time showing otherwise. A paperclip sized wire is repelled by the equator while in the equatorial plane. The paperclip may be attracted to the side of the magnet only if it is held in a roughly vertical line (parallel to the magnets axis, N or S, up and down within the page as in this image). If the paperclip is held horizontally (east or west) above and along the equator, the paperclip is repelled.

This overlay shows a cross section of the magnet’s charge emission fields. Assuming north is up, the red ellipses are the side view of a red torus. Photon emissions outward from the magnet from within the red torus are counter-clockwise, the north pole. Photon emissions from the magnet within the blue torus are clockwise, anti-charge, the magnet’s south pole.

Incoming charge is not shown in this image: we do not see the blue anti-photons moving down into the north-pole of the magnet through the hole in the red torus; nor do we see red photons entering the south-pole from below.

The ring of interest forms where photons and anti-photons are emitted side-by-side, directly out from the equator. Spins either cancel or mesh, when photons and anti-photons travel alongside each other like this, there is no spin differential. Their spins mesh, and their repulsions are added.


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