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Beyond the proton Empty Beyond the proton

Post by Ciaolo on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:44 pm

I’d like to know if Mathis talked about stacked spins above the proton and if there is a limit. Also if there is anything big enough that can be seen at naked eye (I can think of spherical lightning).


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Beyond the proton Empty Re: Beyond the proton

Post by Nevyn on Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:18 pm

Yes, he discusses it a bit in a paper about protons in a particle accelerator. They can have more spins stacked on top of them, but they are unnatural and will fall back to their regular spin levels soon enough. That is here on Earth. The real factor is the ambient charge field. If there is enough charge around, then more spins can be sustained.

However, I believe there is an upper limit and my Spin Velocity paper shows it quite clearly. The important factor is the curvature of the top spin level. As the radius gets larger and larger, the curvature gets straighter and straighter. This means it takes more energy to add another spin level.

You can look at stacked spins as a function of curvature. From the inside, i.e. the smallest spin, to the outside, they are reducing curvature. The greatest reduction takes place with the first stacked spin and the least with the last possible spin level given the ambient field. It is easier to add a stacked spin when there is great curvature but hard to add one when there is not.

That is probably a big clue for working out the stacked spin math that I have made attempts at before. It may need to be factored in.

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