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Live Discussion? Empty Live Discussion?

Post by LloydA on Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:59 am

So would any of you folks be up for a live discussion of MM physics on an etherpad or something before long?

If so, what specific topic/s would you prefer to cover?

I'd like to discuss possible diagrams of neutral and positive and negative charged atoms/molecules in order to understand "attraction" and repulsion between "opposite" and like charged particles. I'd like to understand electrical double layers too.


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Live Discussion? Empty Re: Live Discussion?

Post by LongtimeAirman on Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:43 pm

Hey Lloyd. Discussions are scary things, most people avoid them. What's an etherpad? - Don't bother answering, I'll look it up. I'll have you know we have many prior threads where you could have posted that message (i.e. ) without the make or break drama. You're always planning something. Speaking for myself, your love of discussions led us here. I've always considered discussions a good thing.

What ever happened with collaborating with CNPS? You never said. After so many visits, reading their particular views, I lost both the interest and log-in info.  

Ok, new discussions. Your suggested subject is innocuous enough - a confusing mix of charge and polarity. Please feel free to ask your own questions. Has anyone else expressed interest or are you asking us to commit first? Of course time is a problem. I see no reason why or why not.

Details please.


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