11/22/15 - Lift on a Wing

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11/22/15 - Lift on a Wing

Post by Cr6 on Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:46 pm

11/22/15, Lift on a Wing.
A reader supplies us with more evidence the Earth's charge field is a major player here. See addendum and my comments.

Lift on a Wing

Found this interesting. The sheer amount of Charge encountered while moving over the earth provides lift against gravity.


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Re: 11/22/15 - Lift on a Wing

Post by LongtimeAirman on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:13 pm

Hi Cr6, Thanks for the heads-up. A pleasant reread with the addition of some very interesting facts. The one that won't let go of me is that gyroscopes lose weight in atmosphere but not vacuum.

I'm comfortable seeing myself within Earth’s upward moving charge field. Were we to go off on a tangent, with significant horizontal velocities – what Miles referred to as thrust - we would see decreased weight. We tested Einstein’s theory of relativity by comparing the time measured between an earthbound clock with other identical clocks aboard aircraft and satellites. We can perform almost the same experiment to see how weight varies with horizontal velocity. We could place a scale under an aircraft seat, and see if there's a different weight sitting on the tarmac and flying in the sky. Maybe a pound or two; they probably already know.

In the same vein, after observing the boid program, it seems to me that the balance between gravity and the charge field is seen with stable horizontal flight velocities. With his redefinition of orbital velocity, Miles describes the relationship between the Earth and a body's tangential velocity and weightlessness.

PS. Tried to clean it up without changing any ideas. Adding is OK.

Of course the atmosphere provides resistance to high speeds associated with orbital velocity. Its own field is added to the Earth's. Path lengths are increased. Buoyancy is real.

I must say. Miles' Charge Field is a straightforward explanation.


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