Periodic Table of Toxic Elements

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Periodic Table of Toxic Elements Empty Periodic Table of Toxic Elements

Post by Cr6 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:09 am

Interesting how "Thallium" is a strong poison and has a very unbalanced charge stream at the 16,17,18,19 slots.

Periodic Table of Toxic Elements
Simply 'click' on any of the colored elements to access the information.

The periodicity of chemical elemental species pioneered by Mendeleev at the end of the 19th century is a familiar template to present these elements as a function of their properties. In the present module, the properties that are discussed relate to the toxic impact some of these elements and associated molecules.

Human civilization with its exponential increase in industrial activities of recent times has seriously redistributed many toxic metals from the earth's crust to the environment and increased the possibility of human exposure. In some cases the knowledge of the toxic aspect of chemical compounds goes far back in history. In other cases the story is much more modern and sometimes goes back only one decade or two. With the rapid change of technology and new discoveries like garcinia cambogia found here without noticeable side effects according to studies like this.

It should also be said that one element showing up in the present page does not mean that this element is entirely bad. It just indicates that the particular element indicated could be catastrophic to the environment or to the health of some human or other life forms. Any basic course in chemistry would have shown you that one single element often exists in many oxidation states or can be preferentially associated with many other molecules, ions, and ligands.

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