Spooky Ion Motions; Strange Light vs QM

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Spooky Ion Motions; Strange Light vs QM

Post by LloydK on Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:16 pm

Physicists show ion pairs perform enhanced ‘spooky action’
The NIST team entangled a pair of beryllium ions (charged atoms) in a trap, thus linking their properties, and then separated the pair and performed one of a set of possible manipulations on each ion's properties before measuring them. Across thousands of runs, the pair's measurement outcomes in certain cases matched, or in other cases differed, more often than everyday experience would predict.

This Strange Light Particle Behaviour Challenges Our Understanding of Quantum Theory
The experiment ... involves firing photon beams through a crystal such as barium borate, to generate entangled pairs of light particles. ... "If you set up the crystal properly, the amplification is so powerful that it turns the noise into a proper light beam. A single incoming beam (typically blue or ultraviolet) can thus conjure up two beams (typically red). This process occurs particle by particle: each blue photon splits into two red ones." ... When the single photons split into two - and this usually only occurs in around one in a billion photons - the pair experience quantum entanglement, a phenomenon where two particles interact in such a way that they become deeply linked, and essentially 'share' an existence. This means that what happens to one particle will directly and instantly affect what happens to the other - even if its partner is many light-years away. ... When the team created entangled pairs of photons, these particles didn't originate in the same place.... "The paired photons can emerge with separations in their origin of hundredths of a micron - despite being entangled ... as if they were not even born close together in terms of atomic dimensions."


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