The Skeptic and The 21cm "Dark Matter" Observation & Harvard Response

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The Skeptic and The 21cm "Dark Matter" Observation & Harvard Response Empty The Skeptic and The 21cm "Dark Matter" Observation & Harvard Response

Post by LongtimeAirman on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:05 pm

Message from RT7. This came out today..Just check some of this guys stuff out..might be fun..

The 21cm "Dark Matter" Observation & Harvard Response
Published on Mar 1, 2018
Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science In case you need it:
2017 Understanding of Redshift- [part 2.6, page 14] [url=][/url]

4min, 9sec video

Airman. RT7, what a surprise! Thanks, I’ll post it.

The skeptic shows us that the current model of Dark Matter has failed. Dark matter particles are either smaller than expected, or some of the dark matter particles have charge.

As it so happens, I believe the skeptic is completely correct.

Fortunately, I don’t subscribe to the mainstream idea of dark matter. According to the charge field, all matter is comprised of real spinning photons. Photons have mass; with a radius starting at 1E-24m. Larger charged particles such as electrons and protons, (planets and galaxies) are themselves comprised of recycling photons. For real, mechanical reasons, recycling photon charge generally enter larger charged particles at the poles and generally exit at the particle’s equator. Photons are too small to see; when our best scientific equipment shows the motions of electrons and ions in space, we must recognize they are being driven through space by a net charge field displacement. Miles Mathis has calculated that photonic mass is twenty times larger than visible mass.

Thanks again.


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